Residential Mortgage Services Case Study

Established in 1991, Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
(RMS) is an independent, privately held mortgage bank
and direct lender of residential mortgage products.
From helping to prepare the initial paperwork through
settlement on the home of their dreams, thousands
of homeowners have turned to RMS to help meet
their home financing needs.



In order to provide loan specialists direct access to a full spectrum of loan
processing, underwriting, and direct lending services, RMS realized the need to add a construction lending solution to their existing product suite.



RMS sought a modern technology solution that could manage risk, maximize productivity, improve customer experience, and take their construction management program to a scalable level. After signing with an alternative construction finance solution that failed to meet these needs, RMS implemented Built to gain real-time visibility into their construction portfolio and simplify their complex loan administration process.


  • Successfully closed 65 loans with 56 builders 
  • Completely digitized workflow, accelerating draw approvals and disbursements
  • Streamlined communication process, allowing RMS to better adhere to requests
  • Unprecedented alerts and reporting capabilities, allowing RMS to quickly identify at-risk loans and reduce report preparation time
  • Improved customer experience, making RMS a Preferred Lender. “Builders love it!”
  • Easy and streamlined implementation process, accompanied by unlimited service and support from the Built team

"Ease of use, cost, and reporting capabilities each played a role in our decision to switch from our previous construction lending solution over to Built."

Fran A. Morcos
Construction Manager 

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 3.23.03 PM
  • Consumer

  • New to construction lending 
  • Needed to scale construction management program 
  • Initially signed with an alternative construction finance solution that failed to meet their needs

  • Completely digitized workflow with Built
  • Streamlined communication process
  • Complete transparency & real-time visibility into loan portfolio


  • Accelerated draw approvals & disbursements
  • Unprecedented alerts & reporting capabilities
  • Improved customer experience
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